The Chris L. Davis Agency is a full service sports representation and branding firm. Our clients receive basketball representation, and expert brand marketing at the highest level. Balance is a very important key to success, and while you're cultivating your talent on the court, we are cultivating your brand in the business realm.

Prospective Clients:
To maximize your draft position, we maintain an elite partnership with the very best coaches and trainers to prepare for individual team workouts, the draft, and the upcoming season. During training we are in contact with NBA personnel to elevate your expected draft position, while creating synergy between our sponsorship partners and your marketing vision.
Furthermore, any representation can put together a deal, but with the partnerships that we have developed our goal is to maximize your earning potential with the very best companies that are in sync with your current and long term brand strategy.
Lastly, it's better to be the face of a brand than just another athlete that wear shoes that a company makes.

- Draft Preparation (Personal Training/Skill Development)
- Facilitating Individual Team Workouts
- Contact with NBA Personnel
- Access to Doctor's/Physical Therapists
- Social Media Management (Foreign, Domestic)
- Foreign/Luxury Car Purchase
- Access to Personal/Private Banker

About Us

Motivating, personable and talented, Chris L. Davis is progressively establishing a name for himself in the sports branding and marketing industry. His passion to assist athletes in shaping their brand stems from the fact that although he was ranked in the top of his sport in Track and Field, he was often overlooked by local newspapers, magazines and other media outlets...


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