It has always been a passion of our President to have a division that assist High School, Collegiate and PRO Athletes with building their brands. CL Davis was a High School State Champion, NCAA National Champion and competed Elite/Professional for several years before becoming a sports agent. He knows what coaches are seeking from HS athletes going to College, Colleges Athletes going PRO and PRO Athletes that need to maintain a good image in the public's eye!

Great for a high school student-athletes seeking athletic scholarship!
Starting at $399.99 down
(This package is focused on bettering the athletes marketability and highlighting what coaches look for on the collegiate level. Ultimately the goal is to secure a collegiate sponsorship! Includes resume, social media analysis/coaching, sports resume and one 30 min coaching session monthly. )
● Monthly $299.99 for 2 sessions per month
Additional services:
● Mental preparation - Sports psychologist
● Monthly Massage

* Discount if paid in full: $3,699.88 (10%) - $369.98 = $3,329.90

Best for collegiate athletes turning PRO and have the best appeal to sponsors!
Starting at $1,499.99 down
(This package includes career guidance, sports resume/marketing deck,social media strategy/coaching and one one hour coaching session per month. Pre-draft prep —>Focused on marketing relative to pre-draft preparation/sponsorship activation and maximizing the athletes value!)
Additional services:
● Ongoing coaching
● pre-draft training (partner with performance centers)
● Mental preparation (Sports psychologist)
● Monthly Massage

* Discount if paid in full: $6,999.88 (10%) - $699.99 = $6,300

Best for PRO athletes seeking Sponsorships and maintaining a good image!
Starting at $3,999.99 down
(This package is for professional athletes and includes a personal website, social media strategy, sponsorships activations and contract negotiation. The ultimate goal is to alleviate crisis situation by maintaining a great image in the public’s eye, managing and growing sponsorship activations and increasing the athletes value!)
Additional services:
● Franchise purchase
● Real estate investments
● Off season training (performance center)
● Luxury purchase
● Mental preparation
● Monthly Massage

* Discount if paid in full: $14,999.98 (10%) -$1,499.99 = $13,500.00

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