C.L. DAVIS, Founder & CEO

Christopher Davis is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is progressively establishing a name for himself in the sports branding and marketing industry. His passion to assist athletes in shaping their brand stems from receiving multiple accolades in Track and Field including 6X All-American, 4*100m Penn Relay College Division Champions, 60m NCAA Champion but he was often overlooked by local newspapers, magazines and other media outlets. It is his goal to ensure athletes receive the recognition they deserve while pursuing their dreams.

Recently Davis had a life altering experience. On January 13, 2019 he was involved in a near fatal car accident, an accident that should have ended his life according to many medical experts and police who arrived on the scene, but it didn’t. While being hospitalized for 8 days and undergoing two surgeries his determination and will to fight never ceased, it only intensified his determination to excel. With this new lease on life Davis is determined to make his life meaningful, God blessed him the opportunity to live through an ordeal most wouldn’t and he intends to make good with this second chance at life.

Davis is a former Elite Track and Field athlete turned Sports agent/Marketing professional. Davis personally assists some of the best Olympians in the world of track and field and other professional sports. He knows what it takes to be a winner as a former NCAA Champion and Chris assists athletes in becoming the best they can be, on and off the field, guiding them professionally, morally and assisting with their branding.

In 2013, the Chris L. Davis Agency was formed - a company that provides sports branding and marketing to athletes globally. Davis is making sure that athletes receive the attention they deserve and the opportunity to, not only make a name for themselves, but for the world to become familiar with them as well. Davis is a graduate of North Carolina Central University (NCCU). He is highly regarded amongst his peers as someone who is relentless, driven and focused.

Annika Kelsey, Basketball Division

Annika Kelsey, a Maryland native, is currently a sophomore at the University of South Carolina studying Sport and Entertainment Management and Political Science. She has been a dedicated athlete for the majority of her life, and through her personal experience on the basketball court has learned and encompassed the passion and drive to reach success any athlete has when playing the sport they love. Through playing basketball at various competitive levels, Annika found the desire she had to assist athletes like herself. She plans to attend law school after earning her bachelor’s degree and wants to become a certified agent in the future. It is through her experience with the Chris L. Davis agency that Annika hopes to begin the journey to her life-long career of providing athletes with the tools necessary to reach their full potential and ultimate success.

Michael Tuton, Baseball & Soccer Division

Michael Tuton, a native of ?Jacksonville, North Carolina?, is a Sophomore at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Sports Administration major. Michael is experienced in baseball and soccer, playing both throughout his youth, allowing him to gain a personal perspective of the passion and dedication it takes to reach the next level. He noticed many athletes competing locally and nationally who had “what it takes” but simply didn’t have the necessary exposure. That is what motivated him to pursue a degree in Sports Administration and a career path as a sports agent; to help athletes market themselves and create opportunities to attract the necessary attention that will make any goal achievable.

Iniyan Kannan, Sports Marketing India

Born in Chennai, India, Iniyan Kannan has also lived in Cyprus and Spain for long periods of time. He currently studies at Pennsylvania State University where he is exploring his love for sports such as volleyball and soccer in the form of a bachelor degree in Business and Sport Management. Iniyan aims to return the global exposure he has gained, to athletes around the world, and aid them in their development professionally and athletically. His initial goal is to help ensure a future in sports for the youth that don’t have the necessary infrastructure and thus, believes the Chris L. Davis Agency will provide him with the necessary resources and insight into the industry, kickstarting his bright future.

Lauren White, Track & Field Division

Lauren White a Raleigh, NC native is currently a rising senior student athlete at North Carolina State University. With a December 2019 expected graduation date, she will earn a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration. Lauren is an accomplished sprinter and long jumper who holds a USATF Outdoor Long Jump record, participated Arcadia invitational and Brooks PR. She is also an ACC qualifier in 100,200 and Long Jump and All-Time top 10 at NCSU in 100, 200 and Long Jump. Lauren has been a passionate and dedicated athlete since a very young age, and has gained first hand knowledge of what is required to have a successful track and field career. The experiences gained coupled with her competitive spirit are the driving factors for the Lauren's desire to offer assistance and guidance to other athletes. While working as a Marketing Agent for all sports at NC State, Lauren has gained valuable experience that she will leverage as she gains Sport Agent experience with the Chris L Davis Agency. Lauren's long-term goal is to either attend Law School or to obtain her Master's Degree to help facilitate her support of athletes.

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